Meeting 10: Day 2 of the Breaking Down National Stereotypes Discussion

Last week the guests presented for the Breaking Down National Stereotypes Discussion. Below is our schedule for Day 2. After our schedule, I will post the summaries of each guest's presentation:
  1. Ice Breaking: 4 Corners
  2. Mini Discussions with guests:
  • Each group will have 10 minutes to talk to a guest. Here is some possible content to discuss.
A) Follow-up on the guest’s presentation
  • Did you understand all of the guest’s presentation? What parts did you not understand? Are there any words, phrases, or concepts you heard for the first time? Ask the guest questions about his or her speech to clarify what she/he said. You can also confirm your guest’s answers to the below questions:
Are there any responses that you are proud of?
Are there any responses you do no think are true?
What else do you think we should know about your country?

  • Until now, you have talked about how people in your country imagine your guest’s country, why don’t you ask your guest what her/his images of Japan were before she/he came to this country. How accurate were the guest’s images?
3.“Discussion on Values” activity (Time Permitting)
4. Closing words: JH

Post Discussion

Please write about what you learned from the discussions that you had with two guests on the MMCE Blog. Please do this by June 30.

Summaries of Last Week's Presentations


Uyghur is regarded as unknown place for many people in the world. Even though people don’t know much of its cultures, we can see some of them because Uyghur is the mother of many things in the world. For example, noodles are origins of pasta, and the Uyghur language is origin of east languages such as Turkish.
Also,Uyghur is really multicultural place. There are 9 countries around Uyghur (China, Pakistan, Mongolia, Turkey etc.) that have influences to its culture. Though there are many faces in Uyghur and some looks like a Chinese, only 10 percent of the Uyghur population can speak Chinese and 100 percent of the people are Muslim.
As to our group’s survey, almost all are right but there are some wrong stereotypes. Uyghur people are not nomadic nor nomadic.


Food:French live on bread. Wine is famous,but
Beaujolais Nouveau isn't treat an
expensive wine. And cheese has nothing
to do with France.

People:There are basically mix people in
France. Black,Arabian...there are
various race. And,there are many

National flag:Flag of France was a symbol
of the revolution movement.
It expresses freedom and


People know a lot about Russian people. For example, Dostoevsky, Putin, Rasputin, Sharapova, Arshavin, Tchaikovskii and so on.
Many people think that Russia is a cold country, but it depends on season and locations. In northern place, it is very cold and has a lot of snow in winter. On the other hand, Saint Petersburg is about 25 degrees now.
The location of Russia is good because Russia locates between Europe and Asia. Because of the closeness of Europe, Marina can study English and use English, and because of the closeness of Asia, she can learn Asian languages. She chose Japanese as her third language among the Asian languages.


After the presentation→In fact,not so many black men and they don’t call black man
but ‘brown man’ in Southest Asia.

After the presentation→In fact,they speaks over 180 kinds of languages.And under
the data is survey for language’s percentage.
 ※Filipino and English is official language.

Main article
Native Language
Tagalog 22million, Cebuano 20million, Ilokano   7.7million, Hiligaynon 7million, Waray-Waray 3.1million, Kapampangan 2.9million, Chavacano 2.5million

After the presentation→In fact,North area is not so hot though Southest Asia.

After the presentation→In fact Philippine is made of 7107 islands.It’s very surprise truth.

After the presentation→In fact,there are 90 percent for Christiantity.This is unbelievable,but we got under the data.

Religion in the Philippines
Religion Percent
Christiantity 90%, Islam 5%, Buddhism 2%, Hinduism 1%, Others 2%

After the presentation→In fact the pub is where only they can drink and drug is the
world problem.
Our group was very surprised about religion because 90 percent for Christiantity.
Now,we know that is prejudice and ideology.There were our image from some
Information by the education and the medias.


Food:Pakistani like spicy food like India.

Religion:The religion of Pakistan is Islam.
The turban is related to Islam.

Climate:There are some climate situation in

Person:The color of skin is blown not black.

Incident:There are disputes not incident.
Individual person decides to participate to disputes.

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  1. Food:Pakistani like spicy food is like India.

    Religion:The religion of Pakistan is Islam.
    The turban relate to Islam.

    Climate:There are some climate situation in

    Person:The color of skin is blown not black.

    Incident:There are disputes not incident.
    Indivisual person desides to paticipate to disputes.

  2. I want to eat Uyghr's foods.

    And I want to go to Philipines.

    Because I can see beautiful Beach.

  3. It is surprise to me that have not educations of English in the schools of Uyghr.
    With the globalization it seems to be true that is it the world of English languages of England and American. But,it is not the fact of English educations in different countries or areaes.
    It is only our image about the effects of American and her civilizations.

  4. I am Gwen (愚円).
    The meeting on June 24 was the most interesting to me because we could ask free questions and get answers on the spot from five people who can speak Japanese.
    There were five foreign counties that we had to make mind-maps. Philippines, Russia, Pakistan and France are all ‘countries’ but Uyghur is one region of China. I wonder why Mr. Hall gave our group this one. I thought that maybe this district has some problems to investigate like Tibet. I have little information about it because Japan’s media has seldom picked up about Uyghur. So I looked into it on the net and read some books about Uyghur before class. According to knowledge that I collected, Uyghur people deprived of their religious freedom, cultural and linguistic rights and marginalized in their own homeland by the government-organized Han Chinese migration. Uyghur is four times as large as California and it has been a site of heavy army and police concentrations since 1949. It is used as a base for nuclear testing, military training, and prison labor facilities. Reports from Uyghur document a pattern of abuse, including political imprisonment and torture. Mosques are summarily closed and the Uyghur language is banned from use in universities. Uyghurs are subjected to compulsory unpaid labor in the construction of a pipeline planned to export local petroleum resources to other parts of China. Since September 11, the government of China regards Uyghur’s desire for independence as Islamic terrorism and tries to distinguish it.
    Nowadays we hear that Uyghur language is not used at all schools and teachers who can not speak Chinese are fired. Culture is no killed by any weapons but by loss of language. For example, Japan’s government banned to use Ainu language at school in Hokkaido. As the children grew older, most of them lost their own unique culture and language. Ainu culture is related with ecology and they co-existed with nature. Culture and language are very important heritage to raise identity, pride and respect.
    When I think of transition of 4000 year-old history in Uyghur, I strongly desire peace and freedom on the land of Uyghur.
    I was surprised to hear “BASHO” from Russian student. I asked her why she took an interest in Basho. She happened to know the name of Basho in Japanese class and she is interested in very short poems. Something beautiful…whatever it is poetry, art, music, literature, drama, anime or cooking, there is no nation’s border. Something beautiful, that gives human beings happiness can surpass over cultural wall. After questions and answers among five young people from foreign countries, I could touch common feeling and smile.

  5. [France]
    French people have pride in the French. In France, there are many people who cannot speak English. They learn English at school, but some don't learn by themselves because it is troblesome. I felt eagerness is very important to learn language.
    And, I understood that there are a lot of places as sightseeing in France.

    Official langusge is Urdu. I learned it for the first time. Many Pakistani can speak, but they cannot write because there are various languages in Pakistan. I think this is a different point between Pakistan and Japan.

  6. I was surprised with that in France, Nissan cars are sold more than Pegieot cars. I thought Pegiot cars were most popular in France because Pegieot is famous for the movie ''Taxi''series. Now I realize that how Japanese car industries influent in the world.
    I was also amazed by that ''appa''in Uyghur means ''my mother'', and ''appa'', a Japanese dialect means''my mother'', too. It's said that ''appa'' is from Ainu, so I think that ''appa'' as a Japanese dialect was told from ancient Hokkaido to Iwate.

  7. It was a very good chance for me to talk the guests from 5 countries.We talked about many things,for example,food,car,and language.We also talked about the image of Japan.

    I was interested in France because I studied French two years ago.I asked her about an escargot.She said that she had eaten it!I can't imagine!!But She said some French like it but some don't like.I was surprised to hear that Japanese cars are very popular especially TOYOTA.I was proud of it.

    It impressed me by philippine food.The philippines have many kinds of tropical fruits.So they eat not only bananas but also other tropical fruits.She talked about the difference between philippine rice and Japanese rice.She said that Japanese rice was sticky.Philippine rice is not sticky,so philippine people often make a fried rice.She likes both rice.

  8. I could hear very interesting stories to our guests!

    Some Japanese think that every French people are very careful about their appearance.

    But not every French men or women are interested in fashion.
    Most of French students don't bring top-brand articles at school.She was very surprised some Japanese students bring Louis Vuitton's bag.
    And it's not true that French people drink wine like water.

    It's surprising that there is 7107 islands and more than 180 languages are used in Philippins!
    These languages are a little different.It is similar to "Namari" in Japan.

    In the biggining of the meeting,my aim was understanding and realizing differences of each countries.But finally,I thought there are many "same" thing.However countries are diffrernt,we are same.I was taught very precious thing!

  9. [Flance]
    I was surprised to know that TOYOTA is very popular in Flance. I was glad to hear that because Japanese culture has known in the world. And an escargot has not so much eaten in Flance.

    My first impression of Philippine was Banana, I imaged Philippines like banana very much and often eat it. But some people are so and some people are not. And she didn't know banana is effective to Diet! In Philippine, when they eat a rice, they make a fried rice.
    It is different from Japanaese rice.

    It was very good time for me to know about 5 countries. And I want to discuss more in many topics.

  10. Uyghr:
    I heard Uyghr's foods is so diffrent from CHinese foods. Certainly its appeares are so individual.And usual Uyghr's diet is also ceremonial.

    I asked "do almost all of French like wine or champagne?". The answer was wine. And she said "wine's price is much cheeper than Japan." I'd like to go to France. And I want to drink both.

    I learned many things that I had not known. I expanded my experience.

  11. I learned a lot of things through this MMCE class. I felt that there were many things I didn't know around the world.

    For example, I studied French for one year in university, so I had thought I knew about France by this meeting. However, I learned a lot of NEW things about France. In france wine is very cheap although in japan it is expensive. I didn't know that.

    I would like to know about many countries more and more.